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Boss Barista Podcast

Jasper Wilde and Ashley Rodriguez talk about gender, race, sex, and other important issues in coffee. We invite people from all realms of the coffee world to share stories and engage in discussion.

Lisa Knisely gives you everyday feminist theory for the home

Lisa Knisely saw all the problems in our field before anyone else saw them. An instructor of Food, Social Identity and Justice at the Portland Underground Graduate School, Lisa wrote a poignant article in 2013 about how male dominated barista competitions are for Bitch Magazine, and she's here to talk to us about care labor, the masculinization of expertise, and how our social identity influences our understanding of gender and race in the cafe. 

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MINI EPI - The Cold Brew Theory

In this episode, we reflect on some recent Twitter drama and talk about how to SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO PEOPLE. We recognize the efforts of some GDAMN heroes and try to ask the question, 'Why do people get so upset when they listen to another person share their experiences?' We introduce the cold brew theory: when you take an issue of gender/race/marginalization and replace the issue with the word cold brew and suddenly everyone gives a shit. Also, we get real vulnerable. 

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The Oppression Olympics!

Jasper and Ashley talk internet trolls, the power of Slack, the race to the bottom people play when they feel they are being called out, and the things you never say when you debate discrimination. HERE'S A QUICK LIST: 'my penis,' 'dear,' 'sweetie,' 'well, I have a daughter SOOO...' 

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Alright sweaties, we know we've been behind. BUT WE'RE IN SEATTLE! We'll be at USBC and SCA Global Expo rocking pins and stickers, microphones on and ready to roll. In this mini episode, we update you on some projects and ask you: how do you deal with non-sensical arguments? ie: "not all men," or "we have to appease our allies," etc...SEND US EMAILS OR TWEETS! @boss_barista or bossbaristapodcast@gmail.com. Until then enjoy this outtake.

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We have a favor to ask...

We're taking this week off to work on some future episodes, but we have some favors to ask you pleaseeeeeee?!? WE HAVE PINS! Check out our partnership with WINCC at www.gofundme.com/support-boss-barista-wincc and please record and email us your stories about competition and the power of effective leaders--are you a leader, do you know of one, do you wish you had a better one? WE WANNA HEAR IT! 

Don't pretend like you don't have privilege!

We host a show about identity in coffee, so we thought it appropriate to confront our own privileges in the coffee community. We occupy a lot of different identities, and try to be as honest and upfront as we can. Sure, we're both women, but we also have a lot of things that give us an unfair advantage in a lot of ways, and we try to tackle our privileges one by one. 

Briana Walker

Ever had someone ask to touch your hair at work? Sometimes people doubt the racism and sexism we experience at work and in our lives, and Briana Walker of Reveille Coffee in San Francisco shares some of her experiences. We talk about managing a cafe, self-care, and the importance of storytelling and being vulnerable. 

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Ellan Kline

Ellan Kline is a roaster for Ritual Coffee in San Francisco. In this episode, we talk to her about issues of trans visibility, the differences between gender and sexuality, and why there are more trans-men in coffee than trans-women. 


When being assertive is seen as bossy or rude or out of control. We talk about sexist hiring practices, how internalized sexism and racism still affects us, and how to be 'ambitichous.' Share your stories on how you were ambitchous with us plz.